Solved: Haswell Refresh CPU doesn'start even after BIOS update.

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    There is a problem with 1150 motherboards (8th series chipset - H81, H85, H87, Z87) - Haswell Refresh CPU doesn't start. In case of Asus MB BIOS update doesn't help. Asus gives an utility for modding BIOS, but I didn't manage to make it work. The problem is that Haswell Refresh CPU needs Intel Management Engine interface (MEI) firmware version to be at least 9.1.
    Often it is 9.0 and Asus BIOS update doesn't update MEI region in BIOS. The best way is to use Intel System tools
    To simplify the work I collected necessary files in 1 rar file . If Your BIOS is 4Mb or less, then You should choose 1.5 M version of MEI firmware. If BIOS is 8Mb, check the size of ME region by UEFI Tools . ME region can be either 1.5 Mb or 5 Mb, choose corresponding file.
    If BIOS is 16 Mb - choose 5 M version. Update is possible in DOS and Windows 32/64 (32bit and 64 bit versions are different, be attentive). I used 64bit version for Asus H87M-A, but the easiest way is DOS mode. There is a help file for Windows version.:biggrin: