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    After having installed 7, I noticed the following issue: the mouse pointer would move smoothly across the screen most of the time - unless I move it quickly from any direction towards the top-left side of the screen. When the pointer reaches 1-3cm from the top-left, it would freeze/halt for approx 1 sec and then move properly again. This is not a performance issue due to a high resource consuming app; everything is closed when I tried this, but also occurs regardless of any apps that I am running.

    I have even replaced my old intelliwheel MS mouse (which I ve had the last 14+ years) with an M-SBF96 (Logitech). Both the old and the new mice are PS2 (not with an adaptor, just 'pure' PS2). I don't like the idea of having a USB mouse, but I don't think this is the problem here because the mouse is listed as 7-compatible hardware in the MS website.

    So, my guess this is either a graphics issue (I have an ATI HD3650 with lastest drv installed) - or most likely, a windows bug. Anyone came across that? Any suggestions?
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    well, it should be - as I have the SP1-u version and on top the 214 updates installed (using a 2 week-old archive from SoLoR).

    Unless the fix was in the LDR folder - which I didn't include... did you notice those issues in pre-SP1 installation of 7?
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    And I m going to need it - its silly little things like that that get on my nerves with bloody windows. And I had no problems with Vista that I used for over 3 years, but have to admit that 7 are indeed more lightweight imo.

    At the moment, I ve tried installing the latest Intel chipset bundle - no luck. I am also playing with the graphics drvs. In the meantime, before I screw up something here - any more suggestions?

    p.s. Logitech does not provide a drv for this mouse - it says that its designed to use the generic windows driver. And in dev manager its listed as Stardand PS2 MS mouse :bananajoj2:
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    OK, its actually graphics driver issue. When I rolled back the driver (to a standard VGA), the pointer issue was gone!

    I have the ATI HD 3650 AGP. Immediately after 7 was installed, it recognised it as Ati 3600 Series. That's fine, but one must have latest graphics drivers installed - its not something you can just pass and live with the Windows driver - e.g. I need DXVA enabled in order to watch movies and also I need it for enabling better support for some of the latest games. What I don't need is the annoying Catalyst Center taking up my resources for functionality that I don't use.

    I tried both 11-6_vista32_win7_32_dd.exe and 11-6_agp-hotfix_vista_win7_32_dd_ccc.exe packages but after installing those (not both together i.e. install/uninstall/reboot), no ATI driver was installed - only the stupid ATI Catalyst Manager thing. So I chose to update driver by manually pointing to the extracted files folder (via Device Manager). It then found Ati 3600 Series, but after restart the problem with the mouse pointer problem was back as well. This might well be responsible for those random freezes I ve been having with 7 lately. Especially whilst using Media Player Classic HC, then screen would freeze once every so often, not even responding to CTRL+ALT+DEL.

    Has anyone with a ATI HD AGP card managed to install ATI drivers successfully and not having that problem with the mouse pointer I describe at the top or random crashes? Help, cause I reached a dead end here.
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    OK, I actually tried an older ASUS driver for that model and it actually works. No mouse issues anymore. Hopefully no more system hangs as well. Time will show.
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    Ya In SP1 it usually happens, it's happening with me too. But I reckon that when we don't update the requirements of Win7 like, not supported graphic card, low memory RAM, then it happens. But MS should work on it necessarily becoz it's happening with many users now and this might be their programming error too.
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    I think in my case it was ATI's poor support for my AGP card. Simply said, the catalyst bundle had always been problematic as far as I can remember. Good job the (slightly older) driver for my card is actually stable. I won't be updating from ATI drvs ever again.

    As far as 7 is concerned, I heard somewhere that no app can hang the system. Well, Media Player Classic HC, did so many many times so far. Of course this could have been because of the unstable (last) ATI driver I had installed.