SOLVED Please help, whitelisted BIOS flashing an old HP laptop

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    *** UPDATE ***
    It seems the only way to do this is backup the entire HDD, then install win XP, flash the BIOS in win XP, then recover the backup and carry on.
    This procedure worked for me and the whitelists are gone.

    Hey everyone,

    I have a very old HP 500 laptop on which I wish to change its Intel 2200BG wireless card to something more modern, however the HP BIOS is preventing me from doing it.
    In the request thread Serg008 kindly provided me with a whitelist removed BIOS version, however I cannot for the life of me figure out how to flash it. The modded BIOS' instructions state to flash using the provided HPQflash windows based tool, however it runs only under Win XP (laptop currently has Win 7 running). Upon starting it, computer hard locks in about a minute and power must be cut off to shut it down.
    I am completely clueless how to "manually" flash the modded bios, so I would be very thankful if anyone can point me to a guide or assist me to complete the process.

    BIOS on which modded one is based: F.08 (sp36615.exe)

    Thank you in advance!