[Solved] Questions about VL, Retail, Academic and OEM versions.

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    At the moment I own several Windows XP licenses (OEM and Retail)

    I would like to know the differences between the files on the CD's so I can use a universal (VL ?) ISO to slim down XP with nLite, integrate drivers and custom patches and then turn it into an OEM or a Retail version according to my needs by just adding the appropriate files.

    I've been looking all over the internet and people are talking about setup.ini file hacking but I know that's just part of it and modding this file only won't turn a VL iso into an OEM version.

    I've got also an "Academic Edition" version CD + key and I would like to know more about that version.
    What are the differences and limitations of this version compared to a standard retail version ?

    Again, very hard to find good information on the internet about this particular version...

    Hope there is someone here that can give me some good info on these subjects. :)
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    Dec 8, 2014
    I've been been playing with the files for a while and it works flawlessly. Converted my ISO using updatepacks / slipstreaming without any issues.
    Now I can rid of all my ISOs and just have one single image for all my needs.

    Thanks !