[Solved] Rampage II gene: did I do this right?

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    From AmiTool163 I used amitool.exe to load asus 1701 bios with asus bin, slp, and cert then hit "go" to create the slic.

    The reason I ask is that when I tried this on the target windows 7 machine it froze the entire computer at the instant it asked if I wanted to run this program (mmtool) from an unknown publisher. After verifying it froze a 2nd time I copied and pasted the entire tool directory to my windows 10 system where it seems to have run just fine and created the SLIC. It got past the "go" and did not bother to ask me if I wanted to run it unlike the windows 7 system.

    Also want to mention that when attempting to review some of your guides it appears that rapidshare is down and seems to be down permanently???

    [EDIT] I decided to try the bios and it worked. Here is my actual problem, maybe someone has a better solution that does not involved a mod.

    I have legit copy of 8.1 with serial number but do not have the original disk. I wanted to upgrade to windows 10 using my win10update.exe file that I saved from when I said I wanted it a year ago but changed my mind when I heard stories about problems. My copy of win 8.1 got corrupted and I wanted a clean slate so I installed win7pro and then tried to update to 10 but the update program said I had to activate 7 first. Since I could no longer boot 8 I was stuck and looked into activating using a mod.
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    activate 7 with DAz windows loader.. then do gatherosstate .. save the GenuineTicket file and reisntall w10 fresh..
    offline w10 insert that file in proper location.. goto win 10 forum section
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    On the other hand, you can directly use your 8.1 key in the setup prompt of any 10 installation media (10586 onward, preferably 15063 now) to get the digital entitlement after installation is complete.
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    Thanks Tito, that worked. I had to reinstall win10. After clean install of win10, I entered my serial number from windows 7 and used my microsoft account login and windows 10 was activated.