Sony Vaio Not Booting - Win 8. Diskpart sees partitions, but not booting

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by Uncanny, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Windows 8 will no longer boot on Sony Vaio SVF152C29M. No error, just black screen after Vaio boot logo.
    Using Diskpart shows the partitions. Plugging drive into external drive caddy allows me to view files on another machine so I have backed up user files. I would much prefer to repair as opposed to reinstall as the laptop belongs to a person visiting from France and the OS (and Sony recovery) are in French. I don't think I can reinstall French from disc without the correct media. I cannot access the recovery partition either to do a system reinstall or refresh from that partition.
    Below are the partitions as seen in Diskpart list vol:

    Volume #   Ltr   Label       Fs    Type       Size    Status    Info
    --------   ---   ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- --------
    Volume 0    D    HMR_CPRA_X6 UDF   DVD-ROM    3326 MB Healthy
    Volume 1    C                NTFS  Partition   438 GB Healthy
    Volume 2         Windows RE  NTFS  Partition  1474 MB Healthy   Hidden
    Volume 3                     FAT32 Partition   260 MB Healthy   Hidden
    Volume 4         Recovery    NTFS  Partition    24 GB Healthy   Hidden
    Volume 5         SONYSYS     FAT32 Partition   260 MB Healthy   Hidden
    I have tried using bootrec /fixboot to no avail.
    Under Info for the various volumes, should I not see Boot applied to Partition 1 ( C: ) and System to Volume 3?
    Any advice is much appreciated.
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    Doesn't it have a very small "start recovery environment" button somewhere on the casing? I had to find that out on a 8.0 Vaio notebook. It maybe helps to recover the notebook if it's on it.


    It's called: "Vaio Care Rescue"
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    It does indeed have a button labelled "Assist" however using this produces the option to reinstall or refresh; neither of which work as it says it cannot access the recovery partition. The partitions are there though.
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    May 27, 2015
    Thanks for the reply mate.

    I ended up reinstalling English version and setting keyboard to French.

    User speaks English so all is well.