Sony VAIO PCG-505G - R0114R5

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    Finally got my hands on this device again. (Pentium MMX 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Phoenix BIOS 4.0 Release 6.0)

    Original BIOS can be downloaded here :

    I couldnt find anything regarding "crisis recovery" on this old laptop, but the description of the BIOS update says that phlash2.exe was (especially) made for this VAIO (model/series) or something like that.

    BIOS already looks interesting :p


    It also has a "SONY" loading screen graphic and even plays a short wav soundfile while booting.
    But no "splash screen" or "sound file" has been unpacked, neither could I find anything in the other ROMS looking at them with a hexeditor.

    Trying to open it with Phoenix Bios Editor Pro, it says "Support LZINT only"

    Now I found out :

    Award = LZH
    Phoenix = LZSS/LZARI/LZINT

    I remember lzh archiver from DOS times and from Linux, but never heard of its derivates.

    I tried this tool by Anthhony Borisov then :



    It actually "unpacked" the BIOS and it put the files from within the BIOS to a folder of my HDD.

    It looks like as if you would have opened a BIOS in the Phoenix Tool. Too bad the tool cant open these files.

    I still try to understand this "Map".


    I had a look at unpacked files (modules) with a hex editor and there is clear text everywhere. But I have no idea where to start editing.
    also "repacking" these edited files with the phnxmod.exe, trying to re-flash it, doesnt seem to be "super safe" at this state. :p

    I found this tutorial for a ThinkPad BIOS though :

    But, to read a little more 1st...
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    Sep 10, 2012
    Had some time with this laptop again :

    The only interesting thing that is not visible in the BIOS itself is this "Select TV mode" again,
    that every phoenix BIOS seems to have, but its always hidden/non active.

    The interesting visible options are:
    -Resume on "Modem Ring", because of its PC Card Slot.
    -A timer reload: "System Idle/Suspend/Hibernation" will be reinitialized by HDD acces or by IRQ.
    -LCD Power Management (Brightness, Brightness Down Timeout, Lid close action etc.)
    -Audio->Speaker Volume

    I wonder if these things can be applied/added/ported to another Phoenix BIOS as well.