Sony Vaio VGN-CS36GJ bios recovery

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    Latest version of bios here:

    Saw in the forum that this version was already modded before. But the links were broken/file deleted.

    So I extracted EP0000208656.exeand modded R2060Q2.ROM using andyp's latest phoenix mod tool.

    Flashed using the windows Insyde flasher from the extracted EP0000208656.exe.

    Of all the time in the world, I had to have a tummy ache during the flash. Ran to the toilet to take a dump, and when I got back, the Insyde flash program was gone. I thought it had auto restarted after a successful flash, boy was I wrong.

    Restarted the laptop, and it hanged trying to load into Windows.

    Tried to reinstall Windows 7, failed due to error 0xc0000225.

    Suspecting it was a bad flash, I setup a bootable dos usb stick and renamed the original unmodded file R2060Q2.ROM to SonyX64.fd and tried flashing using dos flas**t.exe. This too failed, error FADT not found.

    Tried the known recovery methods Fn+esc, win+b etc to no avail.

    Installed ubuntu. Linux works, but flashrom failed. Doesn't even detect my chipset.

    I can enter the bios and all. But it seems the ACPI table is missing?

    Other threads with similar symptoms:

    Help, anyone? Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh o_O

    edit 1: so perhaps i'm looking at this from a wrong angle. maybe the flash was fine? its only windows that seems to have problems, but kubuntu linux works perfectly fine.

    this is the original rom file:
    and this is the one i modded:

    as far as possible, i'd like windows 7 on this for simplicity. the owners are aged users, wouldn't want to to scare them with linux.

    so i've been searching around for answers, and stumbled upon this blog

    perhaps there's a way to unlock more options in my bios using this method? maybe some acpi options that can be enabled? or if i could have the option to change achi to ide? i can boot up to the efi application to change the setup variable, but i don't know how to find the corresponding offsets to change, if any. would appreciate any help..

    edit 2: decided to do a test. bootable dos usb, with flas**t v1.3u ihisi v1.8.5.

    on the sony vaio, running command flas**t /all produces error: fadt not found

    on a compaq presario cq40, it shows "please do not remove the ac power"
    "error this fd file can not open"

    edit 3: managed to install windows xp with standard hal. so far no working versions of insydeflash. sigh

    edit 4: almost on the brink of giving up o_O
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    flas**t <NameOfBIOSFile> /mc /c /f /all

    no commands for flas**t seems to work at all. always throws out error fadt not found o_O

    this method works for most of the Acer Laptops. sadly not the case for Sony Vaio(s) o_O