Sony Vaio VGN FZ18E - Editing BIOS and modding

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by juliusthecat, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. juliusthecat

    juliusthecat MDL Novice

    Jan 8, 2014
    Hi. Im new in modding bios...and although I have red almost all the posts, I can´t find a solution to my problem. I have a VGN Fz18e, from Sony. The motherboard died and I bought a new one from Ebay. The only problem is that inside the bios, once you press f2, it shows Model "9x" instead the original FZ18E and the serial number is 12345678-1234 not the one that is on the sticker in the laptop. My question is, how do I change this parameters in order to proceed, afterwards, to mod it? And where can I find a original bios from Phoenix R1120J7?
    Thank you very much in advance! ​
  2. togueter

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    Feb 3, 2015
    Hi, i have the same problem. ¿anybody help us?. I try to modified the BIOS with Phoenix tool, but application said me "the file BIOS is too big"