Sony vaio VPCEB18FJ laptop problem

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    ok i got this sony laptop it has a smashed screen that is now removed
    laptop boots fine i just cant see nothing but i can hear the windows 7 boot up sounds and shutdown sounds.
    what im trying to do is hook up a vga or hdmi monitor to it.
    but everything i try it wont boot up the monitor.
    now b 4 i removed broken screen i could see only a small bit so there is nothing rong with gpu.
    im trying to find out how i can load this up with a vga/hdmi lcd screen as im going to make a home made aio system.
    but as it is now i m trying to get laptop to boot up useing the ext lcd as i have a blank drive ready for doing the install.
    as it will have a 2tb running on it.
    yes its a laptop and it will have a 3.5 sata drive
    as well as a std lightscribe
    as it did have a 3d blu-ray 12x burner
    but that is now in my HP g6 with 3ghz cpu / 8gb ram / 1tb hdd.

    if any one can help and tell me how the hell i can load it up with a ext monitor

    thank you :)
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    There is a problem with the mobo. The integrated graphic adapter is faulty.