sorry about this, but i have few more questions..

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by thijs12, Feb 19, 2010.

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    So you have XP and want to upgrade to windows 7, is that right?

    Well, you can't get there from here, as they say.
    The 'upgrade' option from XP basically involves re-fromatting your PC and installing a clean, new copy of windows 7.
    All your programs and files will be lost, unless you back them up first.
    Then you have to re-install all your programs from their original disks ( you do have them, right? ) ( where possible - some may not be compatable ), and then transfer your user data.

    Based on your questions, I'd have to say you are not going to have a happy experience here. You need to find someone who Has A Clue.
    If you hoped that it involved inserting a disk, and clicking 'next' a couple of times, than I'm sorry, you're well out of your league.

    I'm not trying to me mean or nasty, but you are heading into a world of pain unless you know what you are doing here.

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    1. No - you can install 7 anyway you like BUT you cannot upgrade.
    2. If you "clean" install 7 - which is basically your choice as upgrade does not work - YES - so back up your files!!!
    3. Yes - 7 is generally better.
    4. Installing 7 is easy - just don't enter a key and uncheck the "activate Windows when online" box during install - you'll see it.
    5. Yes you need to buy a key to LEGALLY activate or you can of course use a loader or modify your BIOS but these are obviously not legal.

    You can install 7 without uninstalling XP but you need to create free space for the 7 partition. My recommendation is if you want your existing setup install 7 fresh - do not attempt to upgrade - so you need a bootable DVD for this.

    There is no easy "upgrade" from XP to 7 so your settings and programs are not migrated to 7 - it creates a Windows.old folder with the previous stuff in it.

    You can create free space for the install by shrinking your XP Partition and installing 7 to the free space - this will not create the 100 MB system partition needed for Bitlocker but will create dual boot XP and 7 for you.

    You can also delete your existing partitions and install 7 to the free space - this will create the 100 MB system partition needed for Bitlocker.

    Or you can use the tools included in the 7 setup to partition during setup but your old stuff will be gone.

    7 is better - I thought Vista was better than XP - slower sure but still an advance. 7 is better than Vista in most areas.

    You need to buy a licence key to LEGALLY activate 7 - you can of course use a loader or modify your BIOS but these are obviously not legal.

    If you want XP as well you cannot easily install it after 7 as XP will not recognize 7 and you have to fix up the boot parameters later on.
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