ssdinit DOS comand

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    Nov 12, 2012
    Hey my friends,

    Need help with this ... I'm on a dead end.
    I've used Fdisk to create partition on 1280mbmemory card, that is a Boot HD from a machine, and install DRDOS with the software machine.
    The thing is , now when I restart the machine I get this "Operating system not found"
    the manufacture told me that in this kind of machines I have to use command ("ssdii111") or ( "ssdinit" ) instead the "fdisk". Makes sense ????
    But now if I try to format and create partition with "ssdii111" or "ssdinit " I've got this message "erase on next boot, option on CMOS setup"
    But Bios don't have that option ( phoenixBios ). And now what can I do ?? Try already Low Level Format ?? A new card will solve this ??
    Help Please !!!