Strange file in my SkyDrive Win 8.1

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by Krutonium, Aug 31, 2013.

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    Aug 27, 2013
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    Basically, when I looked in my SkyDrive (First time I've ever opened it) under documents, I found this:

    Once upon a time, there was a odd man. Now, this wasn’t just any normal odd man, this was the Cool odd old man. Of course, most of the townsfolk didn’t even know he was odd. To most people, he just fit in and didn’t attract attention. But to the people in the know, he was anything but normal. He was closer to an alien than a person. Which, oddly enough, is what he was. He was an interstellar being, from the planet krypton. Super beings like superman did exist, but they were farther from earth than even their lifetimes would allow. Now, this odd man, his chosen name being Fred, had crash landed onto earth in a place called Roswell, New Mexico, in the earth year July, 1974. Now, it was Halloween of the year 2012, and he is handing out candy as is normal for him on Halloween. Then some kids walked up. They said trick or treat. But it didn’t sound right. Then he noticed that they were glowing, in a very eerie way. Then they flickered. And he knew. They had come for him. The Kryptonians. A though struck him: Were they here to bring him back, or kill him? You see, back on krypton, there were two factions: The ones who were escaped slaves, and the ones who were the masters. Slavery had been abolished thousands of years ago, but people had sold their lives, and became slaves, to prevent themselves from dying. Later, there was a mass escape of most of them. They led regular lives after that, but some, decided that the masters still owed them, and has been assassinating people ever since.
    Anyone know where this came from?
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    looks like someone knows your password or figured it out. I assume you have changed it by now. That looks like a test file someone would use to see if skydrive is accessible to be used (usable). Might have been done by a bot, but my guess someone who either knows you or of you