Suggestion: Convert tabs to indent tag.

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    A suggestion:

    Would it be possible to add a option to message editing which opens a dialog where I can paste text which will change all starting tabs to '[ INDENT ]' tags?
    For example with Regex only per string:
    stdin= \t\t(.*)
    stdout= [ INDENT=2 ]\1[ /INDENT ].
    The reason is a script I pasted where I use tabs for indents got changed to 3 spaces by VBulletin which broke the script I realized I had to add the Indent tags myself with to make it readable.

    It should be douable, just change all starting tabs from most [ INDENT=7 ] to least to [ INDENT ].
    Yes I know, the tabs will be non existant when copied from the forum, but the script will still be readable, but perhaps another solution can be thought for that later on?

    Anyway, see ya.
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