[Suggestions:] What should MS add in the future Windows version?

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by moderate, Sep 27, 2014.

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    in your replies, please try to suggest, what MS should add in the future versions of Windows.

    My suggestions:
    1. Universal Update Center - where 3rd parties should register their apps for updates. In the Center there should be options for storing update URLs and files.
    2. Metro Installation System - Metro apps should be also downloaded from WWW and installed locally by special installer.
    3. Permit killing UAC and using Metro
    4. There should an option to run x64 and x32 tabs together in IE x64 frame even when NO additional protected mode is active.
    5. IE tabs should run in lower integrity even when NO additional protected mode is active.
    6. IE should have an option to display (many) tabs in multiple rows.
    7. IE should have an options to display downloads and bookmarks in separate tabs.
    8. Inspecting tool showing for any running app: a) executable path, b) URLs which app access, c) all folders (by path) where app stores: working files, files downloaded from internet.
    8. Inspection tool able to pause any running app.
    9. File Explorer should have the template to show TWO COLLUMS view like TC.
    10. Apps should be permanently arrangable at taskbar even when they aren't pinned (like system tray area).
    11. Pinning to taskbar should be discarded and "Quick launch panel" should be back with an option to add not only apps but (virtual) folders too (like "True Launch Bar").
    12. Metro apps tiles should be (not in Start Screen, not in Start Menu) but on the desktop instead of icons to provide news and diagnostics.
    13. Safe Remove Icon system tray icon should be (white and always visible) Device Center with force removal option. "Three dots bug" in W8-x-x should be finally fixed (System is unable to detach external devices with drive letter and no media within - like eSATA AHCI Blu-Ray or USB memory card reader without the card).
    14. There should be only one Essentials pack with: Skype, Messenger, Mail, OneDrive, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Writer, Family Safety, Games for Windows Marketplace and Windows Phone. OneDrive integration should be discarded.
    15. DirectX, IE and WMP should be published in one installation EXE for all v6-x systems (from Vista to W9).
    16. MS Bluetooth stack should support all devices by vendor drivers and be able to run many BT devices.
    17. MS Expression Web/Frontpage should be added to Office again.
    18. Taskbar should have shutdown and reboot command.

    And now what are your suggestions? :)
  2. Ryansr

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    Jan 7, 2014
    You pretty much covered the "improved usability" section. Will think a bit on it while I use Win 8.1 to see if there are any more suggestions. Is this just for your own interest or to make am attempt to submit the list to MS? :)
  3. moderate

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    Aug 31, 2009
    I have already told them at the MS Answers portal, while I repaired my broken hotmail email account.
  4. nechrist

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    Apr 24, 2010
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    My suggestions are:

    1) Super fast ntfs search like many utilities around (ex: everything);
    2) Advanced option to put the user data in a different partition instead having everything in one partition: every external app which is installed on the system will be installed in this partition which stores the relative registry settings too, so if i need to reinstall the os from the beginning the os can see the userdata partition with per app system settings and restore everything without the need to reinstall all the apps (with relative options) manually;
    3) user virtualization: ability to run the user into a virtualization mode. More secure, more flexible, more everything. ;)
    4) OS GUI which is completely indipendent from the resolution (real super hi resolution scaling);
    5) Have a windows update engine which is trully rebootless (i'm still hoping very much for this one :D);
    6) More "power user features" to the explorer.exe (like totalcommander etc...)
    7) Ditch the 32bit version of the OS: yeah 64bit only!
    8) A more powerfull unistaller (local files and registry);
    9) More powerfull disk manager (i want to be able to see and mount multiple usb partitions like in linux os);
    10) Remove the 255 Character File Path/file name limitations;
    11) Insert the sysinternals tools in the "add features section";
    12) More powerfull file history which can go back/forward with the system partitions too (like macrium or ax time machine etc...)
    13) Add an option to register a personal external device (like a smartphone/tablet/notebook) for both secure user login (without the need to insert username/password) and for a secure remote administration process;
    14) Ability to install and run the windows update during the installation process;
    15) Add folders for grouping and managing incons in the taskbar;
    16) Ability to scroll the icons into the taskbar with the mouse wheel if multiple columns are present;
    17) Native support to VR HMD (like oculus rift and similar devices);
    18) Remove the boring limitation about adding a non-indexed location (like network ones) to the libraries;
    19) Native support to more compressing format (like 7zip/rar);
    20) EMET integrated in the OS;
    21) Virtual wifi router option if a wireless adapter is present in the system;

    I think that's it for now, if i will think to something else i will update my whishlist! ;)
  5. phibao37

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    Mar 7, 2014
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    I don't have much knowledge about windows, but I like to have:
    - aero transparent as an option, I don't know why they remove it but I really want it back
    - A 'smart' windows updates: I install Office include: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, choose auto windows download and update, and it update for all Office product (Outlook, Onedrive...that i don't install them, and never, in future). So the hacker can hack an Outlook security vulnerabilities while I don't install Outlook?
    I must choose check update, download and install manual, then hide any Outlook, Onedrive pro...update, each update about 200Mb!!!!!!!!
    I like Win7 style, but also like some game on Windows store. Hope windows 9 have both
  6. coleoptere2007

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    Apr 8, 2008
    Just a stable version, less spywares, have a menu in the installation where you can choose what you want (avoiding to do it after), updates at installation and a new adk with menu and not all that shi..y interface to create an answer file, but i'm dreaming :D
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  7. PaulDesmond

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    Aug 6, 2009
    I'm not quite sure what everyone is expecting from an operating system :eek:
    There are a lot of programs out there which are installed on this platform and all of them should work as they were supposed to. In the past, many windozes provided this service with quite a good level, no?
    Newer software which is more complicated and more complex certainly should run on newer operating systems but as the basic unit as windows is, it is an operating system, nothing more and i think it is over-anticipated or always was as such.
    What are you guys doing with your windows? Looking at it if icons appear or disappear? using an os is nothing more than either browsing the Internet or running a dedicated software on it which at bests generates some bucks for the user when working with it. Windows simply is a platform which gives you the ability to install special programs on it, nothing more. Such a hype for nothing ... lol
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  8. MrPromaster

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    Apr 9, 2014
    This would be great, but i suppose you're just describing an app store. i hope MS sort out the app store and make it an attractive place for developers to market their software. it would be great if you could download non-metro classic apps from the app store. also when will MS update download the very latest stable drivers with software, atm i have to go to station-drivers to keep up to date.
  9. moderate

    moderate MDL Guru

    Aug 31, 2009
    Thanks guys for suggestions. :)

    We should compile one list by voting and send it to MS. :))

    HALIKUS MDL Addicted

    Jul 29, 2009
    A functioning search.
  11. CODYQX4

    CODYQX4 MDL Developer

    Sep 4, 2009
    Anything that gets rid of the terrible disease that is the Windows Registry. No other OS has something like it, and they all benefit from not having it.

    Once that is gone, allow any app to sync settings like Windows does, so Clean Installs of Windows can be handled just like an iOS Restore.
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  12. Hadron-Curious

    Hadron-Curious MDL Guru

    Jul 4, 2014
    To add a feature that allows you to easily change the all the icons and physical look of Windows 9.
  13. murphy78

    murphy78 MDL DISM Enthusiast

    Nov 18, 2012
    I'd second CODYQX4's registry change, or at least make it so it's semi-sandboxed and if a program is no longer installed, any registry settings it changed get reverted.
    I'd also like them to figure out why win7 is more responsive on the same hardware. (probably something to do with the caching changes)
    I'd also very much like to see them remove 32-bit versions of the system programs. I'm sure they couldn't yet get away with having a 64-bit OS that didn't support any 32-bit apps, but it'd be nice to see them not making both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system programs.
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  14. sevenacids

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    Aug 17, 2012
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    Only a few...
    - File Explorer: Either replace GB with GiB, or change the algorithm to show correct sizes in GB.
    - File Explorer: Add tabs.
    - Apps: Remove the Store deployment restriction. Allow downloading and installing APPX packages from any location, just notify the user that the app originates from an "untrusted" (= non-Store) location.
    - Apps: Introduce extensibility in the Windows Runtime to make apps extensible by plug-ins/add-ons, deployed and installed via extension packages (just like MEF/Visual Studio extensions work).
    - Apps: Remove ads from built-in apps.
    - Windows Runtime XAML Stack: Remove the Store apps restriction and allow the framework to be used within Win32 desktop applications.
    - Windows: Further reduce the footprint of a Windows installation by not copying the entire driver collection and components that are rarely used, but with the option to install them on-demand from ISO/Windows Update later. No one needs a ton of drivers that is never used pre-installed on PCs which are considered "always-on".

    The registry is not really that bad, the engine and storage system is actually pretty good, the only problem is that the binary format specification is not publicly available. If it was, third-parties could develop tools to repair a corrupted file, provide better import/export etc.

    I think most of the stuff is portable code, which means both the 32-bit and 64-bit version (and ARM, by the way) of a system program is compiled from the same source files.
  15. CODYQX4

    CODYQX4 MDL Developer

    Sep 4, 2009
    I'm really not 100% sure why, short of businesses on dinosaur apps that are buggy trash (that somehow won't work under WOW), but they won't update/replace, that x86 can't die.

    Consumer laptops have been shipping x64 for quite awhile with hardly any tears (I haven't noticed any personally from anyone), because you need x64 for the RAM and whatnot.

    Windows 9 should kill x86 once and for all. I can't think of anything I've run into that didn't work on x64 unless you need to run unsigned drivers, and really, what device can you get these days that doesn't have signed drivers?
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  16. Mutagen

    Mutagen MDL Addicted

    Feb 18, 2013
    How about a one dollar donation to the A.S.P.C.A. every time there is a blue screen? Woof!
  17. moderate

    moderate MDL Guru

    Aug 31, 2009
  18. Espionage724

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    Nov 7, 2009
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    - Facial recognition login built-in

    - Support for Bezel Compensation when using Eyefinity or Surround View on Start Screen (pinned icons can be stuck under bezel currently)

    - Ability to easily disable search (I know where my files are; don't need background stuff indexing things; you have to use PS to disable Search in 8.1)

    - Allow for color customization of pinned Start Screen icons, or at the very least, allow all icon backgrounds to follow a uniform color scheme (don't need mostly gray backgrounds with a couple bright orange mixed in like my setup is currently with 8.1)

    - Allow for proper 1:1 mouse movement, disable acceleration, and to avoid that weird workaround needed on 8.1 for proper mouse movement; for apps not using Raw Input anyway

    - Get rid of Microsoft-specific service integration unless user opts for it; I don't use Bing or OneDrive, and I don't need them baked into the OS; alternatively, allow for other services to be integrated into the OS (wouldn't mind Google support, but I doubt that'll happen)

    - Allow for one-click disable of all Accessibility settings (does Sticky Keys really being enabled by-default benefit anyone?)

    - Support for hardware monitoring (could maybe require motherboard manufacturers to properly address certain temperature sensors via UEFI)

    - Better out-of-box support for certain mobile platforms (my AMD A10-4600M + 7660G + 7670M laptop heats up insanely and throttles to near uselessness whenever I'm trying to do Windows Updates, Disk Cleanup, and etc. unless I install AMD's Catalyst Suite)

    Modded graphics drivers; but to be fair, there's the option to disable driver signing on x64 Windows, and some of the more recent modified and leaked AMD drivers are signed by Leshcat (I think?)
  19. CODYQX4

    CODYQX4 MDL Developer

    Sep 4, 2009
    Yeah anyone who uses those probably disables all kinds of things as well for performance. The average consumer, and the Enterprise wouldn't care (the latter would probably frown on someone installing modded drivers).
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  20. Windows user

    Windows user MDL Senior Member

    Sep 11, 2012
    It would be great to have native custom theming support, so that we don't have to patch some system files from unknown people (And we have to trust them that the .dll files are clean)...just to make Windows look different.