Super Static v3 BIOS MOD

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    anyone explain How Mod with super static v3 BIOS MOD thanks

    anyone Help me.
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    For pre-info read this about super static v1:

    The improvement and the differences:

    At extracted 1b module find AMIBIOS 0800 string.

    The clue is: This string will always be mapped to 0FF400h real address.

    Go now 200h backwards and edit any SLIC here into 1b module. (Size of 1b module must NOT be changed)!!!!

    The result will be: START ADDRESS OF SLIC IS ALWAYS 000FF200h.

    Got it?

    No calculation of address needed anymore, no uncopressed module to be inserted.

    Same steps to continue:

    Raise RSDT table length byte +4h and XSDT table length byte +8h.

    Change both OEM id and OEM table id at RSDT and XSDT to the one you inserted.

    Count forward 41 bytes beginning from "R" of RSDT.(R=1) This will be the first byte to insert pointer. Pointer is ALWAYS reversed address of 000FF200h.

    Pointer has to be set for XSDT, too. Count forward 45 (41+4 cause it´s 4 bytes longer) beginning from "X" of XSDT (X=1) and insert same reversed pointer, too

    Replace 1b module.

    Superstatic v3 is done;)

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    May 1, 2007
    thanks for help
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