SuperMicro AMI BIOS Stepping identification

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    SuperMicro AMI BIOS Stepping identification Please help


    I have a request different from most that I have seen on this board. Basically I need to know what stepping levels are supported by a BIOS. This is not the first time I have needed to do this (generally I am asked every week about a new BIOS). So I would be very grateful if someone could explain how to disassemble/examine BIOS files and identify the stepping levels that are supported.

    At the moment I need to identify the supported stepping levels of a SuperMicro X8DTT motherboard. Here is the link to the motherboard Link to download the BIOS or go to the motherboard page in the small blue box on the right labeled "Update your BIOS" I would have provided a direct link to the file but it is masked by a javascript redirect.

    Eventually I would like to be able to edit a BIOS to support other stepping levels but I think that might be a long way off based on how complex it looks.

    Any help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.