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    Nov 11, 2013
    before I brick my X10SLM+ mobo I have a few questions.
    Supermicro mobo has less bios options, so I will try to unlock it.

    1) When open with AMIBCP4.53 every menu and options displays with "show = yes".
    It that a default of AMIBCP tool or a wrong info from firmware itself? Not all menu/options are shown in Bios screen by default firmware. :(

    2) When open with AMIBCP4.53 not changing anything and save this rom, the saved rom has another filechecksum. Why? What changed AMIBCP when there was no user input?

    3) Looking into firmware with mmtool4.50 I found this module "SmBusMemoryDown" at index 27.
    Somebody are able to decompile it? to confirm that this module is responsible for blocking/disabling SmBus writings (e.g. writing SPD infos into Memory modules which are blocked since haswell generation).

    In the meantime I will training with Super.rom AMI BIOS Recovery.
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    Nov 11, 2013
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    Ok I answer myself.

    AMIBCP can manipulate menu structures but supermicro ROM will never use these infos, a reason why all menus are showed=yes.
    This ROM is an AMI UEFI/Aptio which can be extracted by phoenixtool 2.19 (AndyP) or UEFITOOL 0.4.0 (coderush) or mmtool (AMI).

    One of these extracted modules handles Bios setup menu, if you grep for menu strings be sure you greping for UTF8 (each second byte is \x00) or you can grep
    for AMITSESETUP to find right module. I'm unable to decompile this module but I found an easily method without changing real Bios code.

    It is easily to alter setup values with AMI tool called SCEDOS,SCEWIN,SCELNK. This AMISCE tool for Win,DOS,Linux will dump NVRAM in a nice text listing. You can edit this human readable text listing
    and upload it to NVRAM with AMISCE again. Test it with NumLock on/off.

    AMISDE is another method (offline) to extract menu/submenu/titles infos from a bios rom direct. With knowing of field offset values and using special UEFI grub loader which include setup_var command
    you are able to alter field/values (I found two versions of grub setup_var EFIs, first once hangs after calling setup_var, seconds works).
    AMISCE is prefer over AMISDE because of nice text listing of all possible fields and values.

    Other methods to extract menu info are EFI IFR Dumper (donovan6000) and UEFI IFR perl dumper (falseclock). Both methods never found any strings/infos on my supermicro rom.

    Anyway for me it was not possible to change DIMM Profile from Default Profile to Custom Profile and use custom settings for ECC memory.
    Even with same custom settings as default one, bios boot once and reboot into failsafe again and swapped back to Default Profile.

    I think I must live with that, by now I understand UEFI bios functioning...