System level passwords - why can't we see them ?

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Mutoid, Oct 5, 2015.

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    I didn't know which forum to post this in , but I'm talking about W7 Home Premium 64-bit , so .....

    As many will know , Admin is not the highest level in Windows .
    There are processes which run as "System " which the user ( probably the owner of the hardware )
    has no control over.

    Look at Task Manager , for example , and check the box that says "Show processes from all users ".

    I noticed that to modify some of these processes requires a password which is 15 "asterisks" long.
    It is most certainly not one that I have ever set.

    None of the usual tools for extracting hidden passwords on your own system will reveal it ( eg. NirSoft )

    I've been told that PsExec from Sysinternals can get around this obstacle ... but I haven't tried yet !

    This is starting to bug me .

    It is my machine and M$ is merely a guest , and often an unwelcome one !
    .... and probably not for much longer ....

    Can anyone supply further info on this ?
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