The age of responsibility

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    Debate / thoughts / comments please :) ---- >

    Several hundred years ago a few middle class unempolyed people = Philosophers ........ realised that because they could see and recognise themselves in a mirror they must exist ......... ' I think therfore i am ( wonderfull ) ' . This was announced to be a part of a new philosophical age = The age of reason / enlightenment .

    Looking back what came out of it ? Institutionalised ignorance ? Industrial warfare and war crimes , more poverty and abuse of the planet and its population by a few powerfull people ?

    What came from it that could be called / seen as enlightenment ? That we recognise that we've s**t the planet full ? ......... but dont do anything about it ? ...... A la ........ We are cool because we see the titanic sinking but we carry on the party and the band keeps playing ?

    Another philosopher said words to the effect of ' Those that dont learn from the lessons of history are bound to repeat them ' ...... meaning that we should learn from past mistakes / problems or we are bound to make the same mistakes and have the same problems again untill we learn from them .......... thats called growing up and every child does it to some extent .

    Did we learn from those mistakes / problems ? Enlightenment means understanding means ' What am i / we doing , why are we doing it and what are the possible consequences ' ......... and ....... if we are enlightened / listen to reason ......... why are we still doing the same things ? ......... the things and views that caused the problems in the first place ........ and ' think ' that we can solve those problems by doing the same things over and over again .

    The age of reason turned out to be a wet fart .

    SO ....... now ...... wether we want it or recognise it we've entered a new age = The age of resonsibility ......... where we have no choice but to learn to carry , live with , solve the problems that we have made ...... and are still making ......... or die :)

    Inhumanity has a choice = Grow up and learn to take our responsibility or die .