The Best Setup For A New Laptop With Windows 8.1

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    UTDKING MDL Junior Member

    Oct 26, 2012
    My friend is getting a new pc I think laptop
    It will come with windows 8.1 pre-install & all programs that are install at the factory
    I`m sure he will after make a backup disc from I assume a recovery partition
    But he think`s it comes with Norton pre-instal(not sure which version antivirus,internet security or 360 they put on at factory)

    I`m sure he said it will be a HP model
    What he wants to do is keep the existing recovery partition (if there is one) make a backup using backup tool like Acronis
    Then wipe all the pre-install of the drive then download the version of windows 8.1 from this site
    Then install & activate windows 8.1 then if the laptop comes with a driver disc apply the required drivers
    Then install the software he needs
    But i know this as been discuss here many times but which if any is the best security prog to install
    Or as paul desmond advises stay away from such progs & use common sense
    My friend wants to get the best out of his new laptop when he gets it so what would be the best firewall & protection he could use
    As some people say that most security software slows the system down
    It would be good if members could share their setup process & what tools they used to get the best out of their system
    I know their are different setup for system hardware like proccessor & motherboard system memory video card
    But a general opion could be helpful
    My friend gets his HP laptop between 1/7/2014-4/7/2014
  2. Shenj

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    Aug 12, 2010
    1. Download en_windows_8.1_with_update_x64_dvd_4065090.iso
    2. Put on a USB stick (FAT32) and Install (be sure it's UEFI)
    3. Install programs, don't install any antivirus.

    For new Recovery Image
    • diskpart (google how to use if you don't understand it), mount recovery partition as X:\
    • For new recovery image do "recimg /createimage X:\
    • Replace the old recovery image with new one (on X:\), you may want to keep that old image just in case.

    No need to wipe anything, old stuff will be in Windows.old, just remove when done.

    Avoid installing random s**t, use Sandboxie if you need to.
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  3. Ming_the_Merciless

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    Feb 7, 2014
    There is no "best setup". Oh sure, your friend may have a "best setup" a week after getting his new laptop. But trust me, that "best setup" will be long forgotten a month later.

    Get a hold of a solid imaging program like Acronis, Paragon, AOMEI (and a few others). Once you know how to create and restore a reliable backup image, you are free to explorer a dozen "best setups".