The function of the phone in a UMPC

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    Hello I have a question: :confused:

    1- Is o2 or OQO e2 is a function of the phone?

    2- Do you dial the phone with USIM card (in models - Willcom D4 - MIU HDCP) can transform to the SIM (or if there is any other output, for example, an overlay, or move to the SIM card in another slot).

    other translation>>>

    Good day beguile question if (or) in (to) OQO o2 is function of phone or e2? If (or) phone with exit (outlet) on card in models ( USIM - Willcom D4 -, remake on ) ( MIU HDCP mozna SIM or if (or) for example, some (certain) other exit (outlet) is some (certain) fish-plate, either (or) on from other nest ) slot SIM.

    3- Is it a slot on the SIM card and what can I do to be a feature-phone? (Slot for the transmission of data does not interest me, just giving features a call from your np.ORANGE, ERA, WODAFONE, T Mobile, O2 ...)

    other translation>>>

    If (or) it is some (certain) on slot karte SIM and THAT ZROBIC former function of phone - ? It does not interest for I sending of data of ( slot, from operator only function conversation phone dajacy np.ORANGE, ERA, WODAFONE, T MOBILE, O2. )