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Discussion in 'Serious Discussion' started by timesurfer, May 9, 2013.

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    Nov 22, 2009
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    This is a sanctuary for those with spiritual beliefs and those who wish to come together to share our common ideas and spiritual endeavors

    This is not a place for the athiest to come in and bash religious or spirtual beliefs nor will that be tolerated

    I ask if any athiests come in here having read this first post and bash or invalidate this sanctuary they are to be given infraction or temporarily banned to teach them to respect this sanctuary and also their posts removed...

    Everybody deserves sanctuary to explore their spirtual nature in an safe, happy and open communication environment :)

    Given that this is a place to feel absolutely safe to share your spiritual ideas, metaphysical concepts and indigenous rituals or beliefs

    Hope you enjoy the safety of being able to express your self without constant opposition of one's spritual beliefs

    Also is you are of an traditional religious nature I also ask you respect this thread!

    Invited people are anyone that can appreciate this type of friendly discussion hopefully to the point of cooperation and a raising of consciousness and/or enlightenment for the greater good of mankind

    Thank you


  2. Michaela Joy

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    Jul 26, 2012
    Thank You timesurfer for creating this thread for spiritual beliefs to be shared. :hug2:

    I for one would like to learn as much as I can about the spiritual beliefs of others. As we examine each others' beliefs, We may find parallels that may serve to unite us.
    And I'm for anything that will foster the realization that we are all brothers and sisters; i.e. we come from and are a part of the same energy.

    Peace and Joy,
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  3. zen45

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    Feb 25, 2010
    thought is energy, and energy cannot be destroyed those are facts. so who had the first thought and what was it? :innocent: what is right and wrong who decided?
    where are we headed why do we become smarter with each generation ?
    are we alone?
  4. timesurfer

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    Nov 22, 2009
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    You have excellent insights MJ

    And thank you for spelling my name with an lower case t not upper case T :worthy:

    What is great about spirituality to me is that we all have our own truths. What is exciting to me about spiritual beliefs is I believe they all share similar ideas just with sometimes different names or definitions. It is after all one universe not two, but in the historical cycle it seems many an ego's have created an separate universe besides God and that seems to just manifest chaos and division between cultures

    If one will be able to guide or give spiritual assistance to another here that is fine, but to me I believe that we ultimately have to heal and possible save ourselves cause I believe our true nature is self-existing and of an sovereign nature!

    Funny though that my experience with spirit has been one where I remembered information rather than being taught from outside although I can appreaciate the teacher or Guru roles in reminding us of our true spritual natures

    Thanks for your post MJ :hug2:

    Those are great questions:

    My take on them would be this

    I believe matter to be the result of energy not the other way around and that energy like you say is of an permanent nature

    It may be thought that God has this original thought or intention and God is the one who imagines life to be...

    Through my perspective I see us devolving from being Gods or one with god so for me in the historical cycle we have fallen down in energy levels so I believe that we are headed to an pre/post history state where we have no limits and remember God and how creation works exactly and I believe also that God is inside us and that God in us can create both a fall from spiritual realization and a return to God consciousness. It seems in this fall from spiritual realization there are many lessons and it is nice to receive spiritual teachings from many avatars to help us remember and attune to an spiritual path for our healing and maybe to heal others if their in agreement?

    I think in groups there can be an strength in consciousness but I would never limit the individual to what the group has attained. I would always wish the individual to be free from the groups level of consciousness as a whole. Given that I believe the group to be an individual ;)

    I believe this world is isolating in nature, so in that my perspective is that healthy faiths are to help in not feeling alone

    For the ancient sanskrit word religion means "to reunite" and I think it means with a higher power or our true selves or being and/or present time and in reuniting you are not alone :hug2:

    Really isolation is to me an crazy image, for in God's universe we are never alone but become convinced we are which is sad but God or spirit is inside us and actually us so we must be strong and know that we are not alone as strong a feeling as loneliness is?!

    I like the term In'lakesh which means "I am another yourself" or Namaste which means "I bow to the God within you", or "The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you" - a knowing that we are all made from the same One Divine Consciousness.
  5. timesurfer

    timesurfer MDL Developer

    Nov 22, 2009
    Did you mean aliens?

    If so consider the words "Planetary Being" and within the scope of planetary being we can have an infinite types of creatures

    But know they have no more spirit or ultimate consciousness than humans

    All life has the capability to be enlightened, just don't resonate with creatures that cause harm or control ;)

    On this path we also have other levels of being like solar and galactic or God which is all levels of being...

    Goes to my smiley thread to post alien smileys
  6. elementinsane

    elementinsane MDL Member

    Nov 10, 2010
  7. timesurfer

    timesurfer MDL Developer

    Nov 22, 2009
    Usually we fear what we don't have information about?

    So this can be tamed a little by understanding the bigger picture one has the more information is available and what is termed alien one moment is not considered alien the next moment

    For instance if you are on a planet then you are a planetary being!

    So to term something alien is kinda ignorant in that it is our lack of understanding of the complete universe that is actually alien not certain creatures that live in or of it?

    The reason it is hard to see "aliens" is because it is hard to see planets cause we're on one. The planet is taken for granted because it is what we live on. Planets in general have something in common and sometimes the separate planets merge in a bad way and the unique energies of various planets are combined or confused making planetary being hard to see or remember.

    Also remember that everything including planets have an ascended state and those "aliens" are just at or near that level so to speak. Also remember just cause one is ascended does not mean they are good. It also doesn't mean they are bad also. Sometimes beings are caught in-between being good or bad (trapped)

    With the consideration that life falls from where is originates we have some "creatures" that stay at the before/after state of a physical state of being and that physical state of being is planetary being. Some call these demi-gods or aliens

    But don't stop there! A truly complete being would not be without the other qualities of the universe and a bad alien would not want someone to be aware of these parts of life. But only if they are playing control games

    1. Source
    2. Galactic
    3. Solar
    4. Planetary
    5. lunar

    All "things" are resonate

    Resonance is how all things are connected and self-existing

    But unfortunately that is not common information and so "things" seem disconnected and separate and that is the first reason these "aliens" or planetary beings cannot be seen

    Planetary consciousness solves this problem as it gives awareness of all the infinite planetary manifestations

    And also that creation works in the sense that life is animated or held in existence by cosmic laws that control life in between states of being manifested/un-manifested

    We are literally being held in form by what controls the manifested/un-manifested sides of life

    So "aliens" are just aware of this planetary being during times when we as most Humans are not.

    But that will change soon and what is alien one moment will not be the next given greater perspective and greater understandings and/or discoveries of how matter and life actually work
  8. vegad

    vegad MDL Novice

    Aug 4, 2012
    My contribution to this thread with respects for all those "Perpetual seekers out there"
    [h=3]Dancing of the inner Spirits-when my mind was in a twilight zone --watercolor done a polished paper size 22" x 12"[/h]
  9. timesurfer

    timesurfer MDL Developer

    Nov 22, 2009
    Nice :smokecowboy:
  10. Yen

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    May 6, 2007
    I usually be rare here at this thread. I rather post directly into topics which concern spirituality. This thread has a touch of intention to separate. The 'spiritual' people from the 'others'. But spirituality is made to unite.
    One should make a few deep breaths close the eyes and honestly ask oneself: "Is there something in me that wants to become spiritual?" If yes, then it is the ego-mind that wants to become it. And the reason for an ego is always the same.
    To gain an advantage 'over' those who are not! One cannot become spiritual (in the future). One can only be it now.

    On the other hand there are people which are defied from such a ego mind which wants to become spiritual. Those mostly come from a scientific direction (scientific mind).

    To create such a polarizing situation cannot be a wanted goal. It leads to misunderstanding ego games and separation.
    An example:

    Spiritual person: "Anything that ever was, and will be comes from god, is created by him (BTW: Ever asked yourself why god should be male?) Science is wrong, because science doesn't know god. (You can replace god with other terms such as the self or Brahman)"

    Scientific person: "It seems you are lacking of education. Lol. This is belief of the ignorants, caused wars and has no place in the modern world of tech and science. You have to prove what you say!!!"

    Spiritual person: "Who has invented the a-bomb? Who exploits the nature? Scientists or the spiritual people? If you would know god you would stop!" real goal.....

    But what is actually the real issue here? Two egos.
    Both want from the other to use their own ways of mind. This does not work.

    The science person demands a prove of something one oneself does not know at all (god). How can there be understanding?
    The spiritual person questions science, an achievement of humankind that also brought wealth and health to the world.

    Both spirituality and science are creations of mind. And both come from 'one' reality. It is the mind separating them.
    How stupid is it to fight about?

    The only reasonable way to deal with it is either to say: I do not know what god is, hence I cannot judge about if it is right or wrong what you say, it is out of interest, sorry. I don't need god, science is satisfying me.
    Or: To make an effort (intention to understand). This means to find a way in the scientific mind a sort of translation.

    The same applies to the spiritual person. Spirituality is made to merciless uncover the illusion of ego. Whereby many spiritual people become victim of their own ego who just wants to become spiritual as a better ego compared to the scientific.
    Spiritual people usually deny science because they think to have discovered that science is cause of evil. It is not evil, it is lacking of something essential. Besides of that their own suffering which is caused by the unsatisfying answers of science makes them to move. (Death, sickness, consume terror, stress, capital, to be just an 'object' of others)

    When you have a look at the history of science and the famous scientists then you recognize that there is a change. The rigid absolute idea of the world fades away. Time 'became' relative, matter and energy are one. Matter consists of 99.9% of empty space. Fixed places are rooms of probabilities. Particles can behave as waves.

    Science researches usually objects. Consciousness which is actually no object became matter of sciences...

    The major difference that still remains is being itself. Being is no matter of science. It is just taken for granted. Being is no object (of mind) only ideas of it are, hence it is itself ever excluded. Being is not provable, hence it is ever excluded.
    But being alone is 'cause' for anything.

    So again: How stupid is it to fight about? Science which is made for the world of objects and spirituality for the essence beyond, which is (your own) being?

    This post is no explanation of things. It reflects my own history.

    Come together! :hug2:
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  11. timesurfer

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    Nov 22, 2009
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    Yen must be bored to visit my thread

    This thread had no intention to divide as to divide to is to live in denial that everything is interconnected.

    This thread came about cause the massive atheists in the "God" thread we're destructive towards those interested in spirtual beliefs and ultimately like the thread topic implies it was meant to be a "sanctuary" or safe place to talk openly without being eternally bated by ego-based super atheists (you know who you are

    Are you completely egoless Yen? Surely your ego had a part in writing this otherwise I hearby
    submit and devote my entire self to the new Yen religion

    Finally an perfect way to submit one's will and completely resonate with what is non-different or God

    I think here it is easy to debunk that one, no one really deals with God for god is inside not outside to make deals with

    Two intention is never an effort but indeed an effortless state as simple as having an idea as to what one wants to accomplish and if one is truly egoless then one really never creates in effort at all ;)

    Always holes in your perspective :bye1: easily "patched" with complete understandings of resonance of what is always non-different (God) based

    This sounds kinda superior having defined both spiritualist and atheist as being ego-based. I acknowledge science or the laws of the physical but what eludes the masses in the historical cycle is the laws of eternity (time) supersede and are greater than the laws of space thus the ego of those who can only define themselves as "spacesuits" always feel threatened they are not in control and that some higher law governs them and they don't ever like that because of insecurities based in having incomplete information

    I think I can give "props" here since you are using the term history! History is simply a forgetting of origins or god and to live without those remembrances is to live by the ego that rules history and causes true "separate" ideas that are ultimately incomplete and temporary without an real resonance with the non-different reality that is God

    Ultimately science is an object if one does not include all in it's non-comprehensive incomplete analysis of the cosmos

    Perhaps it is well placed here the word conceptual. Without pre-conception there is no "idea" about things and things are of ideas since thought precedes reality

    Here again is a funny word considering that all time is now this again is another now! I appreciate that if I cut myself that science can stitch me back together again but both the cut and stitches are of one source and people living in linear time (which is the sickness of the historical cycle) keeps (objects) separate and thus complicated when indeed life is quite simple and/or connected with similar non-different qualities all based in similar resonance or God based!

    What doesn't require a pre-conceptual state is that of which is one with it's origins and manifest/unmanifest mind facilitated reality :smokecowboy:

    To "remind", your life is ultimately connected and a reflection of what is both inside and outside of you. Your history is temporary but your real self is forever and without limits as you say being is the root of all that becomes something (an object!)

    And to play into your rediscovery of the divine you are a true reflection of what has transpired via the historical cycle of forgetting of cosmic origins. I see and yes know a state that is pre/post historical cycle based and that state is beyond ego and utilizes the mind which holds together in perfection the manifest/unmanifest

    Yen :hug2: TS forever...