Thinapp 4.6.0 vs 4.7.3 - latter bloats portable apps by 2x+

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    Just virtualized Lightroom 3.6 on the same XP SP3 image within VMWare Player twice using the same steps but different versions. ~170MB compressed from 4.6.0; ~370MB compressed from 4.7.3.

    No idea why 4.7.3 is making such huge output builds, but it's definitely something to consider when making portable apps - use 4.6.0 for smaller builds.
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    You can check & know exactly what is being copied to the virtual app.

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    Hi bloggingpig,
    you can produce with 4.7.x the same small files. VMware has just changed the default compression rate to save time during the build prozess. Read the Package Reference Guide [1] or just use "OptimizeFor=Disk" in Package.ini like this:



    CompressionType=none --> big output file, but fast app start
    CompressionType=fast --> compress all files but no *.exe files

    OptimizeFor=Memory --> fast app start, low compression
    OptimizeFor=Disk --> small file, but slower app start

    If you have time for experiments, you can also change the Blocksize (but IMHO better leave the default value)

    Page 47, 48,...

    VMware benchmark with thinstalled MS Office 2003:
    compr.-none: build time about 3min, filesize = 448 MB, startup time = 0,1s
    compr.-fast: build time about 19min, filesize = 257 MB, startup time = 1s

    btw, another nice option is to kill the small VMware popup-window with this line in Package.ini: