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    Well now that the win 10 iso has leaked I'm gonna upgrade. I have a legit version of windows 7 that came with my laptop (HP). After reading some threads I'm still confused. How do I upgrade from Windows 7 home premium to Windows 10? Do I need to be online or can I do this offline? Can I use the ISO to upgrade or am I doing this all wrong?
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    If your laptop/Windows 7 qualifies, you don't have to do anything right now. Windows 10 will be installed through Windows Update after July 29th. Those who are registered Windows Insiders and have been testing Windows 10 will get it first. All others will get it as Microsoft is able to phase it in through Windows Update. Once Windows Update converts your laptop to Windows 10, then if you want to clean everything up and do a clean install of Windows 10 you can then do it because Microsoft will have a record of your laptop and key code; you won't have to enter it because Microsoft knows your HP is OK.

    If you install Windows 10 from your .iso you won't be able to get it upgraded/licensed by Microsoft, so leave Windows 7 as is for now.
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