Tip for hardware problems with Kernel 4.15.0-20 and -21 in Linux Mint 18.3

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    I've tried to upgrade kernel from 4.15.0-15 to the latest available in Linux Mint's Update Manager on my main machine. I noticed that the latest kernel update was only 19 MB in size, while the size of kernel updates has always been just over 60 MB. I updated to the new kernel anyway, without any errors, but when I tried to reboot I got X server error and my keyboard and mouse froze. I can't remember the exact wording of the error, sorry. I reverted to the earlier kernel version and found the fix for hardware issues with Kernel 4.15.0-20 and -21 (which also solved my problem with X server) on the Linux Mint's Forum:

    sudo apt-get install elfutils libelf-dev
    sudo apt-get install linux-base linux-modules-extra-4.15.0-20-generic
    Then I installed the Kernel 4.15.0-20 from the Update Manager and rebooted, successfully. Everything works fine now...
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