TL-WN951N - Not reliable with Shipped AR5008X driver (Workaround provided).

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by unrandomsam, Oct 13, 2012.

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    Jan 9, 2010
    TP-LINK TL-WN951N (Version 1) doesn't work well out of the box. (The network just going dead for about 3-5 seconds it comes back but its annoying)

    But for some unknown reason if you force load the driver from (You have to force it - select "TP LINK Wireless N Adapter")

    The driver is for windows78 (In the filename anyway).

    Then I rebooted (Don't know its necessary but I did).

    And then I just went back to the correct driver and it works properly. (Manually selecting the "TP LINK Wireless N Adapter" (By unticking only allow compatible hardware) which is what it was installed as in Windows 7 makes no difference (This is with the Microsoft Driver "Qualcomm Atheros AR5008X Wireless Network Adapter")

    (I am interested as to why it works (After messing around both times trying other options.)

    Or a means to find out. (It is likely just a certain workaround that has to be activated).

    Cannot think of a reason why this should work. (Unless the other driver enables a workaround somehow that is kept workiing).

    (Definitely not my power supply - none of the parts are poor quality - it was fine with Windows 7)

    I am not overclocking - AM3+ Phenom II x4 / Corsair Memory.

    (I have tried disabling the fast boot (using bcdedit) it is not that)

    I am not sure how many people have this issue but I can provide step by step instructions if necessary.

    Think it will probably work for the 2 antenna version of the same card but I don't know the model number.