Tool ESD and WIM files (TEW v4.3.4)

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  1. mhussain

    mhussain MDL Member

    Oct 1, 2012
    hi there,
    a interesting question,
    some may think it stupid,
    i've got multipul windows 10 versions,
    e.g windows 10 v1909 and windows 10 v1903
    both x64 and x86 iso images.
    if i were to use your tool,
    would the image list just display windows 10 home windows 10 pro etc for every edition from the different versions of windows?
    or would your tool display the build number example,
    windows 10 pro v1909 x64
    if it is possible could you make it so that the build number is after the name of the windows edition?
    or some thing like
    windows 10 pro v1909 x64
    windows 10 v1903 x64
    windows 10 pro v1909 x86
    I hope this makes sence,
  2. mhussain

    mhussain MDL Member

    Oct 1, 2012
    hi again,
    i'm blind, and i have really bad news,
    this is not at all accessible,
    i have no way of adding wim images,
    in any way,
    I use a screen reader nvda which helps me,
    would it be possible to make this more accessible?
  3. Boops

    Boops MDL Addicted

    Jan 5, 2008
    It will not be possible to do an automatic update. It is not necessary, I come here daily. Sorry, the NVDA is not available.
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