[Tool] Free a lot of space by cleaning up drivers on Vista/Win7/8

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    [Tool] Free a lot of space by cleaning up the drivers cache on Vista/Win7/8

    Every Windows version since Vista, including Windows 7 and Windows 8, removed the uninstall routine often used by drivers to clean up the previous cached versions. Every time you install a new driver the previous version remains installed and some drivers, especially the graphic drivers, can waste a lot of space on the hard drive, with hundreds of megabytes left for every new version you install. With this simple batch file you can clean any third party driver that is no longer associated to a device (outdated or never used).

    NOTE: all the Windows default drivers, are left untouched, this only affects third party drivers that were installed by the user or by the computer manufacturer.

    Save this in a .BAT file and run as administrator (if you simply want to run the two commands in a prompt change %%F with %F)
    cd %WINDIR%\INF
    for %%F in (oem*.inf) do pnputil -d %%F
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    Thanks! I signed up here just to say that, you helped me save a lot of space with this little tweak.
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    I'm a bit curious. How much space is "a lot"?
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    Saved tiny space.

    BTW, thanks for your contribution.
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