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    Want all the lightscribe templates available for use without having your Add/Remove programs screen filled with all the 43 templates setups? This tool will extract all the templates setups one by one and copy all the templates in organized subfolders.

    Attached you can find three versions of the tool:
    • Lightscribe Extractor, the basic version that organizes the templates in subfolders
    • Lightscribe Extractor (Single Folder) that works like the original tool but stores all the templates in a single folder, useful if you plan to use all the templates
    • Lightscribe Extractor (Extract to documents) that, rather than simply extracting and organizing the templates, installs them directly (basically it does what the original setups did, but without actually running the setups) so you can use them with the Templates labeler without additional steps. Make sure you uninstall all the lightscribe template packs you already installed before using this or you'll get a lot of overwrite confirmation requests.

    If you don't know which version to use or how to manually install a Lightscribe template file please use the "Extract to documents" version and remember to uninstall all the templates pack you have before using it.

    1. Copy all the templates in a single folder, along with the batch file of the tool
    2. Run the tool
    3. If you used the basic version of LightScribe Extractor or LightScribe Extractor (Single Folder) you will find all the templates in the Templates subfolder, you have to copy the content of those folders in your Documents\Lightscribe\Templates folder to be able to use them. If you instead used Lightscribe Extractor (Extract to Documents), that directly installs the templates, you should find all the templates directly available on Lightscribe Template Labeler.
    NOTE: There is a template that is present in both the Business and Quick And Simple lightscribe templates pack, the template name is Fibonacci. Since the tools were explicitly written to not overwrite templates file you will get a overwrite confirmation during the copy process regarding files with that name, you can safely confirm that. There's also a template (Gingerbread) in the Food and family pack that has the same name as another, but different, template in the Winter pack: you can either overwrite it to have the Winter version or keep it to have the Food and family version (if you want to keep both you have to use the basic version of the tool and rename the files yourself).

    Source code of the basic version, all the three different versions are attached to this post
    PUSHD "%~dp0"
    MD "Templates"
    FOR %%F IN (TL_*.EXE) DO (
    echo Extracting %%~nF
    MD TempExtract
    "%%F" /A /V"/qb TARGETDIR=\"%CD%\TempExtract\""
    MD "Templates\%%~nF"
    XCOPY "TempExtract\Personal\Lightscribe\Templates" "Templates\%%~nF" /s /e /h /k /q
    RD /S /Q TempExtract

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    Thank you for both the link as well as those files. Only thing I was able to find on LS was some site to sell ya something..Never crossed my mind to check the ol time machine.Thanks again !
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