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    Nov 24, 2012
    Hitting only the high points, I have been a programmer by profession since 1969. The only PC programming I have done is a little VB in support of OLE from Access to Excel, and a lot of Hypercard on the Mac System 7 for prototyping GUIs. I am conversant, however, with equivalent data structures and communication methods, having gen'd up a number of real time control appls in the DEC VAX/LSI-11 VMS/RSTS-E environment. So, I can program up a storm, but have little knowledge of PC development tools.

    I am wanting, in my retirement, to whip up an appl that has intrigued me for some time. Essentially, I want to use XML/CSS as a tool to code up "shortcut" keyboards. I am using a lot of Midi applications (sequencers, VSTs, etc.), and would like to use an Android or small touchscreen as a virtual keyboard with appropriate legends for the various ctrl/alt shortcuts. Very similar to Unified Remote. Picture a real keyboard that is application specific, legends ("cut","paste","insert","whatever") instead for numbers and letters.

    The twist comes in wanting the keyboard displayed to be context sensitive. That is, determining which window currently has focus and displaying a keyboard appropriate to that application. For example, when I switch from the Cubase mixer to a Native Instruments guitar emulator, the keyboard displayed would change appropriately. Or I go to a word processor, or whatever, and if a screen is defined for the window "type", it gets displayed. When "pressed", an appropriate escape sequence is fed to the keyboard stream. Also, multiple screen (Android) support is a desire, so that one screen can be devoted to system control (Windows).

    Doesn't seem like it would be a huge effort, maybe a year to a year and a half. Just guessing, of course. And I believe it could be hugely useful.

    My question is, what toolset is most appropriate to this sort of hacking? I don't mind learning a new language/support tools package, but hate spinning my wheels. (I can't play music if I'm chasing my tail!). Any suggestions appreciated. TIA!