Toshiba L305D-S5928 Insyde H20 Bios recovery question

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    Aug 22, 2012
    Toshiba L305D-S5928
    Insyde H20 Bios
    6050A2175001-MB-A02 AMD Motherboard

    I regretfully attempted a bios update for no real reason, like an idiot.

    This subsequently put my laptop into a infinite reboot to blue screen crash cycle. Naturally, I cried into a yelling rage.

    After a short emotional recovery I attempted the following procedure:

    Using a separate computer if necessary perform the following:

    1) Download your notebook model's BIOS "*.exe" file from the Support section. Mine was: slm0v150.exe
    2) Extract the files from the "*.exe" file.
    3) Locate the file that ends with ".fd", this is your actual BIOS file.
    *(for different brand BIOS's the file may have a different extension such as .rom or .bin)
    4) Rename your BIOS file to: "BIOS.fd" without the quotations.
    5) Format a USB Flash Drive to (FAT or FAT32) file system.
    6) Copy your newly named "BIOS.fd" file to the root directory of the Flash Drive. (Not inside any folders)

    On the corrupt computer perform the following:

    7) Remove the Battery, AC Adapter, and Hard Drive.
    8) Plug the Flash Drive with your "BIOS.fd" file on it into any USB port.
    9) While holding the Fn and F key on your keyboard:
    a) Plug the AC adapter into your computer.
    b) Hold the Power button until the computer turns on.
    c) Release the Power button and both keys once you hear the fan turn on.
    10) Observe your Flash Drive's LED's blinking, wait until your computer turns off and remove the Flash Drive.
    11) Replace Battery and Hard Drive.
    12) You're computer should be all set!

    The first problem I have run into is that I am not able to extract the .exe file I downloaded from the toshiba site. I'm using the Bios version 1.5 file and attempting to rename the .fd file but I am not sure of what I'm doing since every time I extract the result is still only an executable file. I renamed an image file to BIOS.fd using power iso and loaded it from a USB drive and indeed saw the USB led flashing for quite some time. However, after a minute or two the light stopped flashing and the machine remained on with the fan running for 10-15 minutes before I powered it down. Now, the laptop turns on to a blank screen and a running fan but nothing more. Please help :) I appreciate any insight.