Toshiba Satellite A105-S2101 BIOS Pasword problem outa nowhere

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    Hello everyone, I am trying to find the jumper pins on a Toshiba Satelite A105-S2101. I have gotten that stupid BIOS password error that comes out of nowhere. One day it just asked for the BIOS password even though one was never set. I've read through a bunch of articles saying to tear it apart and jump such and such pins but when it listes the laptops on the bottoms of these forums mine is never in the listing. So I figured I'd come in here and ask figuring someone in here has had this issue before on another A105 Satellite. Thanks!!

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    takeout lower memory and take out black sticker under it. take a good picture of it and i tell u where.
    this is a common problem with toshibas and bad ram or spontaneous bug.

    to post link to pic try breaking link like this mediafire .com/blablabla

    usualy its xxx or J1 or look for a U with a T inside it .. touch metal to reset to a ground .. touch the U not the T shape