transfer Windows 7 Pro OEM license (from HP laptop) to desktop and install Windows 10

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    With the release of Windows 10 creators update, I just read (softpedia article. cannot post the link) I can now activate Windows 10 using Windows 7/8.1 OEM keys/serial.

    So is it possible to clean install Windows 10 on my desktop and used my Windows 7 Pro OEM serial without messing with modded BIOS (to add SLIC) and xrm-ms files?

    If that's not the right way of doing it, can someone please tell me who to make it work?

    Thank you so much!

    Edit: this is what is written in the article

    Basically, this means that if you clean-install the Windows 10 Creators Update and you own a Windows 7 or 8.1 OEM product key for your computer, you can easily activate the system by simply entering the original license in Settings > Update & security > Activation.
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    I'm not sure if an Windows 7 OEM key will activate Windows 10 on a fresh install--either because the original year is passed or because it's an OEM (vs. retail) key--but if you first install Windows 7 on the desktop you should be able to activate it with that OEM key. From there you can just upgrade it to Windows 10 and you should get a digital license activation of Windows 10. Just make sure your 7 is activated before starting the Windows 10 install and that you're on-line during the 10 install.