Travelmate 4000 BIOS update (version 3A10, 12/10/2004)

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    Jul 1, 2014
    The BIOS version of my "Travelmate 4000" is {3A10, 12/10/2004}. I downloaded from ACER, "WinPhlash" for to update into "3A10, 2008/12/08". First i choose "backup bios and flash bios with new settings", then i browse to the folder in wich , the "BIOS_3A10 (Intel).zip" extracked, so to specify the new BIOS file. I choose "ZL1I3A10.WPH" as new bios. I left the "specify backup file for existing bios" area, as it was (with an "BIOS.BAK" in it), because i do not know where is a file for existing bios, or if there exist one, or if i must first make one (i tried to made on using the "Backup BIOS only", but nothing happened). Then i click on "flash BIOS", but i received the message "BIOS update failed! New Bios is not compatible with the current system BIOS. New BIOS part number does not match BIOS part number. Eror code -120" . What is , that i made wrong, and what can i do ?
    The reason i want to update BIOS, is that i want to change the old hard drive 60GB, with a new 300GB (clone), but the laptop sees only 128GB. And maybe the reason is that the BIOS do not support 48bit LBA. My OS is Windows XP Home edition SP3.
    I tried to backup the old BIOS with "WinPhlash" throught a bootable USB stick and DOS but nothing happened. I received messages like "there is not such file" or "bad command" etc. The command that i gave was "WINFLASH /BU BB" (where BB is a file that i create, so to put insite the OLD bios buckup file).
    I found, a similar to "WinPhlash" software, called "SWinFlash". It has the same inteface, but diferent new BIOS's file. It has "R0231Q0.ROM" instead "ZL1I3A10.WPH" that "WinPhlash" has. Can i use "WinPhlash" and "R0231Q0.ROM" instead "ZL1I3A10.WPH" and "WinPhlash" ?
    So summarizing :
    I already have made a bootable USB stick.
    1) How to bukcup the old BIOS ? With what software, and what are the correct commands to do it, throught DOS ?
    2) Is there a new BIOS file for my laptop's old BIOS, so to update it ? If there is, where can i received it and with what software can i flash the old BIOS ? What are the correct commands throught DOS ?
    Thanks for any advise and help