Trouble Restoring my Jailbroken iPod to Factory State

Discussion in 'Mobile and Portable' started by Rebeljah, May 25, 2012.

  1. Rebeljah

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    May 25, 2012
    I want to un-jailbreak my iPod, i tried using iTunes but I get Error 1600. At first I tried to reset it by using the "remove settings and content" option in the settings of the iPod and I think this may have broken something...

    I have Firmware 5.1.1 and I want to restore to a clean 5.1.1

    Thanks ahead for any replies!
  2. anarchist9027

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    Oct 30, 2010
    You have to get your iPod into DFU mode and restore it that way. Also make sure your hosts files are not blocked and redirected by tools such as Redsn0w and TinyUmbrella.
  3. ~MBCENT~

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    Jan 14, 2013
    How to put your iPhone / iPod Touch into DFU mode
    This tutorial will show you how to put your iPhone/Pod Touch into DFU mode. Please try this at your own risk, as I am not responsible or will not be held accountable for any damages done to your phone. Although there may be a resolution to almost all errors, please read the instructions carefully when downgrading so you won’t encounter any problems along the way.

    DFU mode = Device Firmware Update mode

    DFU mode is a mode where the iPod Touch/iPhone will be made to force a restore of the firmware into whatever version firmware it is given.

    Getting your iPod Touch/iPhone into DFU mode is somewhat tricky, and it may require some patience/practice because timing is essential to get it to DFU mode and not into recovery mode.

    1. First, Open up iTunes, plug in your iPod Touch/iPhone to the CPU's USB port. Turn on your CPU's speaker and make sure it is loud enough that you can hear it.

    2. Hold down the Home button (top left for iPod Touch and top right for the iPhone with the screen facing you) and the Power button (located on the front bottom of your iPod Touch/iPhone) simutaneously, until the screen goes black and the device turns off. (past the red slider/slide to power off screen)

    3. Now let go of the Power button, but continue to hold the Home button. Your iPod Touch/iPhone should have turned off and the screen should not be on.

    4. After around ~10-20 seconds, you will hear a noise (beep/ding) from your CPU as if it had just recognized a new hardware device, now iTunes should recognize it in DFU mode.

    5. After iTunes recognizes the iPod Touch/iPhone, let go of the Home button otherwise it will go into recovery mode and you will have to do the entire DFU process over again.

    6. You will know when you have put your iPod Touch/iPhone correctly into DFU mode when the display is blank and that you do not have anything on your device.

    And you are done, now you can install any iPod Touch/iPhone firmware on to your device via the iTunes SHIFT recovery method.