Trying to recover insyde h20 l655-5150 toshiba

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    Powered off during windows flash, i've extracted the .FD to a fat formatted flash drive and renamed it to BIOS.FD ... when powering on with fn+esc the power light flashes differently like it's in the proper mode, but only stays on for ~15 seconds and turns back off and does not reflash the bios.

    Any advice?
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    Fn X or Fn R if i remember correctly.
    try .bin also

    likely best to use Ch341A programmer and a .bin dump of it.

    tricks i found to work on C655 was take 1 ram stick out if 2 and hold F12 and power while u plug in power.
    then retry with 2 ram sticks F12 power up.

    Satellite L655 (PSK2CU/PSK2GU)