Two different computers, do I need two different 8.1 downloads? WZT?

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by Espionage724, Oct 19, 2013.

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    I have a desktop with a Pro Upgrade Key, and a laptop with a Core OEM key (both legitimate, both for Windows 8).

    From my understanding, using WindowsSetupBox to download 8.1 will download a image specific to the edition of Windows you specify (if you enter a Pro key, it'll download a Pro image not usable with Core keys; something like that). Not sure if this is the case with 8.1, but I recall having problems related to this back on 8 (the 8 install image I had from my Desktop wouldn't start installation on my laptop due to key-mismatch).

    I currently have a 8.1 RTM WZT disc. From my understanding, installing 8.1 from this, and then updating from WU, will put you in the same state as a clean 8.1 install. Is this true (and not just assumed)? If so, do I even have to worry about trying to get a hold of an updated 8.1 image?
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    Yes, you're right. 8.1 RTM iso from WZT + WU = clean install. M$ probably won't release updated Core/Pro isos, so at least for now WZT + WU is the best way to do a clean install.
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    Just using 8.1 RTM WZT disc is clean install

    WU is just regular windows updates procedure
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    Can anyone verify that the above post by the OP in fact you would only get the Pro version and not both Pro & Core????? I do a lot of clean installs and would want both???? I read the other part of the post.
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    I have tried making the ISO from a PC running the Pro version and I believe the ISO does indeed only contain the Pro version.
    - created ISO is 3.04 GB, TechNet ISO is 3.60 GB
    - installation does accept Windows 8.1 Pro generic product key, but does NOT accept Windows 8.1 Core generic product key (''this key doesn't work for this edition of Windows'')
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    The key to be used to activate windows will determine the version of windows to be downloaded and installed.