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    :confused:avevo su un portatile windows xp professional sp3. Mi avevano parlato così bene di questo ubuntu e ho provveduto all'installazione con nuovo sistema operativo occupando tutto il disco. L'installazione va a buon fine senza alcun problema però quando chiede il riavvio per utilizzare il nuo sistema operativo mi da l'errore file nr..... e si blocca. Cosa ho sbagliato? cosa faccio per riuscire ad utilizzarlo? Grazie:
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    Would you please post an English translation; my Italian is just not what it once was.

    It appears you installed Ubuntu over XP SP3 and now the computer won't start. Installations do fail, but if you want to use a Linux Operating System, I'd suggest you wipe the hard drive and then reinstall Ubuntu. If you let Ubuntu take over the whole disk as I think you say, wiping the drive is not going to do anything you haven't already done.

    My experience with Ubuntu over the years is it's like any other OS and just may not run on your hardware without some tweaking. I've had that happen rarely, but it has happened.

    Personally I think Windows 7 is a better choice but what OS you use is your call. If you can't get Ubuntu running, you can always revert to XP using the OEM restore disk if you have it. Or install XP or Windows 7 using links provided on this forum. But whatever you do, always have backups of your data. Letting Ubuntu take over the whole disk and/or wiping a disk essentially destroys all data.

    As to your asking what you did wrong, answering that question is going to be pretty much impossible without a great deal more info: make and model of your computer, its full specs, what errors XP was giving if any and etc.

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