UEFI not working for me

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    I've edited my post a bit, because I've found part of my problem
    I pulled my Graphics card (HIS 6870) from the system because it is not GOP. I've learned that the graphics on the processor is, but I can't seem to get the system to use uefi and the on chip graphics.

    The closest I have come is: once the OS is loaded and windows starts looking for a driver for the video is fine using the basic video driver. But once windows loads the driver I lose display. I get a black screen.

    Currently I have to restart and change my csm setting to enabled so I can see the display. In BIOS under boot options I see the Intel SSD, but it isn't listed as uefi like my optical drive is. It's listed as: p1(windows boot manager)Intel ssd 5648922 - - the numbers aren't exact

    I've started with an unallocated partition and let windows do its thing and I get four partitions so I know I'm using GPT.

    Oh and yes I've disabled secure boot.

    I've been able to verify I'm booting using uefi. In System information the BIOS mode is uefi.

    My problem is the video driver Windows 10 loads gives me a black screen. to see the OS I have to use CSM turned on.

    Any clues why I can't use the video driver windows 10 loads if I'm in uefi. It's fine with csm turned on. But I shouldn't have to have csm turned on since all my components are uefi ready, correct?
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    im my gigabyte theres an option for video rom and oproms legacy first and efi and switchable.
    sounds like a rog forum question.. or flash your 6870 with the modded rom ive seen or buy a better vid card