UEFI var tool aka UEFIVAR

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    I found a tool here https://gist.github.com/Zibri/19f9838ffd12349bb2c6c3afddc9388f useful to manipulate the UEFI BIOS variables, disable the card switching feature and dig inside UEFI and modify settings of encrypted BIOS (very useful in BIOS RE).

    UNFORTUNATLY the author does not allow to use the tool without internet and its software (which can be also remotely disabled), to make things worse, its not privacy friendly at all!!!(Track and share clients information on his server)
    Stay away from official software.
    I decided to reverse and patch the tool to make it safe to use. [​IMG]

    The (obfuscated) core module has been decompressed, decrypted and cleaned it up (was nice custom pack, but not enough). [​IMG]
    Patched to allow offline use.
    Donate function is now redirected to Save The Children instead of the owner. It's Christmas. [​IMG]

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