Uhh hi. Trying to modify my BIOS

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    Feb 9, 2010
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    Ohai thar. Never posted on these forums before but I'm trying to modify my BIOS. Asus makes laptops with CPUs capable of hardware virtualization, but the BIOS doesn't enable it. Not surprising as the copyright date on this BIOS is 2005.

    Laptop model is: Asus U81A. BIOS manufacturer is AMI. BIOS image is available here officially:


    Mirrored here:


    So uhh yeah, some questions:

    1) Am I in the right place?
    2) Should I now start paying more than halfassed attention to all the rules I sort of perused before joining these forums? I think I might be doing this wrong
    3) How do I patch in the relevant changes to enable hardware VT support in my BIOS?