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    This is Your Bios (sp40908.exe from HP) with HP SLIC 2.1 added.

    Looking at the Bios in AMIBCP there are NO Hidden Bios Setup Entries,
    everything this is in that Bios is Visable/Adjustable from the Setup Menu already.
    Any options you want would have to be added by you.
    There are many guides to adding options but most OEM MB's don't support the extra features many people want.
    OEM's Crippple these Bios so that they are stable and easier to support.
    The MB's the use are made specifically for them by the MB Manufacturer and don't usually support OC-ing, etc.

    Good luck with adding the features you want.
    I didn't research your specific MB but you never know.
    Do the reasearch and then you can determine if it is even worth the effort.
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    Can you (or somebody else) please tell me how to flash it ?
    I want to flash my asus ipibl-lb motherboard to so i can overclock it but i have no idea how to do it and what to use for it. the only thing i got so far is the modded file by Yen. Thanks.
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    Not a good idea to overclock, just buy a new cpu for the board. The board can support a 1333mhz fsb X5470 3.33Ghz Quad Core Intel Xeon with 12MB Cache. Just buy that cpu for $75 and call it a day it's a monster. Will require some attention to detail to remove the lga775 plastic pieces that need to be cut out and a LGA775 to LGA771 adapter then line up the Arrow on the CPU xeon with the Arrow on the LGA775 socket for orientation.

    On HP Boards the advanced bios can be obtained by repeat attempts of CTRL-ALT-F10 if it correctly detects the CTRL-ALT it'll boot to advanced F10 with fan options and what not.

    Don't overclock or you will fry the board, as is the MSOFETs get up to 49C which is hot enough on a X5470 3.33Ghz 12MB cache quad core beast cpu. The Northbridge and Southbridge require attention as-is. Repaste the northbridge/ southbridge for the best possible stability and temps.....

    Update bios to the latest and try the CTRL-ALT-F10 this applies to all HP Boards.
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    Hey Chris, I'm planning to do the x5470 upgrade on my IPIBL-LB, can you please share the BIOS you used for your upgrade?

    Also, what heatsink fan combo did you use? Do you think the stock q6700 (TDP 105w) cooler is enough?

    Thank you.
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    No need the cpu will be detected on basically all bios, just install the latest from HP and you won't have an issue.

    There is no unlocking to this BIOS, just use stock because the micro code is already ready for the xeon.