[UNSOLVABLE] Toshiba M30 laptop Pentium M CPU upgrade trouble

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    Hello everyone.
    I have my Toshiba M30 running Win7. Current config Pentium M 715 1.5GHz\ 2 gb ram\64gb ssd msata-ide
    I placed in the new M 770 2,13GHz cpu and now it runs slow. I looked at cpu-z and it shows it runs at 600mhz only
    pichost. name/images/2016/08/12/12e55aa.jpg
    1. My laptop's mobo has no cpu tweaks, only CPU clock preference (Only Low-Only High-Switchable) and this setting has no effect.
    2. I did upgrade my bios from v1.50 to v1.70 with no effect
    3. Is there any modded bios which can support this CPU or can manage multipliers etc?
    4. Looks like this mobo isn't compatible with this cpu and only can run m 715 1,5ghz. Maybe also it has restricted multiplier ratio 6-16.
    5. I think the problem is that my new m 770 (a new revision of P M as Wiki says) cpu has 533mhz fsb initially. Yes, it runs at 400mhz but that fact blocks multiplier by 6(don't know why, maybe just for fun). Maybe the Pentium m 765 (or other 7*5) which has native 400mhz fsb can be used normally?
    Any ideas, guys and girls?
    p.s. And yes, before I did change that cpu I run W7 with no issues. It was noticeable faster of course and I had no need to run CPU-Z and check for core speed. But before cpu change and now I have some trouble: svchost or system uses 100% of cpu... Maybe my laptop completely incompatible with W7 or some driver issue.
    p.p.s. I also has a problem with a sound driver for WinXP in my W7. When I changed my cpu the windows didn't start stopping use of HDD at the logo. After I booted in Safe mode and uninstalled the driver and audiodevice everything starts to be fine. Now I have to find different driver. Just for the info.
    p.p.p.s. I cant see any effect of using Crystal CPUID or RM Clock.
    Well, thanks to Intel and Miscrosoft. The SpeedStep tech of Pentium M has no support in Windows 7 as many users determined. Here on this forum I found a useful instructions how to setup a Windows 8.x. on my Pentium M laptop. But now the game worths nothing because again that SpeedStep issue will be the same in Windows 8, right? Many Pentium M of users who successfully set up W8 dont say anything about SpeedStep problem. Why?
    Okay. Now I'm running XP sp3 with my m 770 and have no improvement. I changed my cpu to 715 and have the ability to change the performance level by multiplier ratio 6-15 via Toshiba Power Saver (by changing Cpu Processing Speed in that TPS in 3-7 ratio). So, 1 question is still actual: if pentium M 7x5 will work right with my mobo?
    Aaand yes, as that Dothan revision of M's is newer they has different SpeedStep tech which is natively supported by a new Sonoma logic(Wiki proof). Sad sheep, right?