Update Problems, reverting to snapshot

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by bobplop, Nov 28, 2017.

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    Sep 10, 2009
    As I discovered here, Windows update decided to reenable automatic updates.
    I am using WUMT.
    one of my laptops has become completely unuable due to a the fact that the cursur is jumping all over the place.
    A few days ago I thought I had this problem fixed by reverting to an earlier version of the touchpad driver.
    But the problem is back again.
    the last image I made is from 4 September,My actual Windows version is: os buid 15063.726 Version 1703.
    so if I revert to my last image The first big update will be the creators update 1703.
    apparently this laptop is not suited for the fall creators update because if I check for new updates it's not there.

    So my actual question:
    Once Automatic updates Issue is solved, Do you guys have any suggestions how to go about installing updates when I revert to my snapshot?
    Should I actually update at all? I know there are security fixes all the time, but what's the use of all these big updates if I have to be spent time and energy trying to repair a not working system?
    This particular laptop is not being used for serious things, Just browsing and viewing videos, thinks like that.