Updating and restoring Asus TF101 to stock ROM.

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    Ok, I've rooted my TF101 B80 quite some time ago with some one click rooter which worked. I had Superuser. Now I'm trying to update to Ice Cream Sandwich because I've been having the below specs for quite some time.

    Android version - 3.2.1
    GPS version - V5.5.8
    Wi-Fi version - V5.2.65
    Bluetooth version - V6.24
    Kernel version -
    android@Mercury #1
    Build number - HTK75.WW_epad-
    MobileDock version - EP101-0213

    I've since rooted again with ViperMod PrimeTime v4.6 successfully and then unrooted successfully (I think) because I didn't have Superuser after the tablet rebooted. Anyway, now I can't update the ROM to the latest one with the tablet's Settings, About tablet, section or with the Power, Volume Down mode because I get a little androidy with an exclamation mark. Even when I was rooted and had ClockMod Recovery, I kept getting the Installation aborted message no matter where I placed the ROM or whichever file I used (both original from Asus' website and cracked / edited ones).

    What am I doing wrong?
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    Dec 13, 2009
    No one knows?
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    If you use the Power/VolumeDown method you need to do this :
    1) Put an original tf101 rom .zip file in the root of an EXTERNAL MICROSD CARD (asus.com/search tf101/go to download section/choose android as OS/firmwares section/Global button to download not global DRM))
    2)This file need to be named EP101_SDUPDATE.zip
    3)Shut down your tf101
    4)reboot with volume down
    5) When it start a message will appear in the top left corner, quickly press volume up and wait.

    I hope it will help if i'm not too late (2years ^^)