Upgrade Prices In Store For Legit Upgrades?

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by IAmTheDude, Aug 4, 2015.

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    Oct 12, 2011
    Hey all.

    Im gonna have some legit laptops to upgrade in the coming weeks.

    These are originally 8.1 Home (OEM) machines that Ive downgraded to W7U with Loader.

    The plan is to restore them back to 8.1 Home factory using the original backups and run the Upgrade to get them registered for 10 Home.

    Q1: Has anyone done this and is there an offer price to upgrade Home to Pro?

    These arent my machines and the owners would much prefer to keep the upgrade as legit as possible. Ive explained the Free Upgrade marketing to them but it seems they've een spoiled with Ultimate.

    Id much prefer to get everyone on Pro (and the owners would too for as little £ as possible) but dont know how this effects all the legit side of it.

    Q2: If I didnt revert to 8.1 and just upgraded W7U to 10 Pro, would this conflict with the SLIC key for Home if I did a clean install or will it all be based on the HWID.

    Q3: If I then did it this way 8.1H > 10H > W7U with loader > 10Pro would the Pro upgrade conflict with the 10H HWID stuff or would it just 'overwrite' it and itd be Pro?

    Hope all that makes sense? I understand the "MDL" way of activation, but this is for other people who are more 'inclined to put some £ towards it' so to speak.