Urgently required XP SP3 key please. No Wow for XP?

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    Hello All,

    This is Apoorva here. Last night, when I was trying to install Windows XP SP3 on my Desktop PC, I came to a step wherein it asked for 25-digit Product key and I tried all possible product keys from here and there found on the internet however, none of them have worked. Finally, I had to install XP SP3 without a product key.

    Now, after the installation and upon reaching the desktop, XP says to activate the product within 30 days. The key that I tried during the installation and failed “is the same key” being used on the second Hard Disk of my Desktop in which XP SP3 is already installed, but Windows never reported the key as invalid. I can still obtain updates. Then why did it not accept during this new XP SP3 installation???

    This XP SP3Untouched installation copy was obtained from this link of mylifedigital forum:


    Now, I need a genuine key very urgently please.

    Dear Yen, I am quiet surprised to know that there is no Wow being created for Windows XP Professional? The activation part became much easy during Vista installation last year...so is there Wow available for XP as well?

    Or I would rather like to suggest that why you don’t create a "Special Wow" that can activate both XP SP3 and Vista on a system having dual boot - (XP & Vista).

    Kindly let me know of this please....

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    Check your PM
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    XP is a p**s easy to activate by proper SLP OEM method, just read & learn
    You have a problem with it, use antiwpa