usb as local disk instate of removable

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    my usb shown as local disk not removable
    how can i fix this?
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    Hi there, firstly is it a large USB drive or a newer USB 3.0 thumb drive ? ( both will show as Fixed disk type )

    If its a large USB drive ( a hard drive in a carrier) then it will be always seen as a "fixed disk" type of drive and this

    cannot be changed ,

    if, however it is a modern USB 3.0 thumb drive then you can simply re-format the drive.

    Newer USB 3.0 thumb drives are sold with an exFAT file system ( the new standard for removable drives in win 8 and

    up computers , also this format makes the drive compatible with Mac , without any problems plugging the drive into

    either Mac or Windows, So basically if you need to use the drive between Mac

    AND windows then best left as exFAT format - but - if you need to use

    with JUST windows then simply right click on the drive icon and choose format and then NTFS as file system , once

    formatted the drive will be seen as removable media from within windows.

    ( or is it possible you want to use the drive as a boot drive , installation tool ?)

    If so I would recommend a tool called Easy2Boot , more information can be found on the website - just

    type Easy2Boot in browser search bar.

    Hope info helps.