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    (Anti-spy) Usb-slic-ldr

    Since I have only old-fashioned USB thumb drive, all third-party USB2Cdrom tools won't suit my needs.

    For the time being, I am happy with this method:

    1. This is good only for Vista and Post-Vista OSs, e.g. in dual boot, the XP will be inaccessable.

    2. Some machines refuse the SoftMod - Vistalo*der.

    If you'd like to prevent your computer from being misused, you could use WinPE to copy "bootmgr and the boot folder" on the boot partition to the USB thumb drive. And then rename the bootmgr on the boot partition to bootmgr.bak.

    You simply pull the USB thumb drive out of the computer before leaving.

    When you got back, insert it and boot the computer.

    If it booted smoothly, obviously nobody had pushed the on/off button of your computer. Otherwise, the black screen will prompt: BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.

    Under such circumstances, you can be sure of what had happened to your computer. But before you can access the system, you've gotta reset the bios' 1st boot Hard disk to USB thumb drive, then save and reboot.
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    thnxs for the files and post!.. i will take a look at it..
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    Thanks for that... but if my USB key is already using a SYSLINUX bootloader, how can I integrate that with my key?

    If I understand, bootinst create a boot record to load the grldr file. Is there a way to "dump" the create boot sector and have it loaded by syslinux?

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    Searching for something just like this :worthy: